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Casting Call
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First Rehearsal Jan. 30th 2023 

Show Opens Feb. 17th, Closes March 5th 

The Centenary Stage Company. A professional theatre operating under a SPT contract on the campus of Centenary University in Hackettstown NJ, approximately 50 miles west of NYC, will be holding an EPA for its production of THE LADY KILLERS by Graham Linehan on Tuesday, January 10th at the Lackland Center, 715 Grand Ave, Hackettstown  from 10AM - 7PM. You may call for an appointment. 908-979-0900. If unable to attend you can submit a video in the style of the play to


Weekly salary is $437.00 

In Attendance, Carl Wallnau Artistic Director 

Sides will be available or you may do a monologue in the style of the play.  

Play is set in London, 1955. 



CONSTABLE MACDONALD 25-50 policeman, constable, frustrated,   friendly, English cockney accent.


MRS. WILBERFORCE 70’s English Londoner widow eccentric bumbling caring lonely. (CAST)

PROFFESOR MARCUS leader criminal gang, cunning, maniacal, charming, intelligent, controlling, savvy quick-witted,  con man  (CAST)

HAROLD ROBINSON: 20’s, cockney accent, Londoner spiv, streetwise , criminal drug use addiction OCD.  


MAJOR COURTNEY: 50’s cross-dresser, nervous, worrier, con man, , gang member, bumbling. 

LOUIS 30’s-40’s criminal gang member,  Romanian  accent, suspicious, killer.

ONE ROUND 30’s-40’s a large  boxer, thick, slow, strong, London cockney, punch drunk, criminal, kind-hearted dim-witted.

MRS. JANE TROMLEYTON 70’s Friend of Mrs. Wilberforce,   enthusiastic, middle-class English, effusive.


All performers must show proof of vaccination.  


Constable MacDonald: Page 2-3. 79-80

Louis: Page 73 (bottom) to 75

Major: 31-32, 61-62

Harry: page 51 (bottom) to 52

One Round: bottom of 66-67

Mrs. Wilberforce CAST

Marcus CAST


Submit headshot and resumes to:


Attn: Carl Wallnau

Artistic Director

Centenary Stage Company

400 Jefferson Street

Hackettstown, NJ 07840

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