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  • What measures are being implemented in response to COVID - 19?
    Centenary Stage Company, the professional theater in residency on the campus of Centenary University, remains committed to the health and safety of our community and adheres to all requirements and regulations set forth by the State of New Jersey. As such, CSC is taking the following measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable theatre going experience for our patrons, staff, volunteers and artists. In compliance with Centenary University policy and all current requirements set forth by the State of New Jersey, Centenary Stage Company will continue to follow the below measures regarding public health and safety in response to COVID-19. Masks and face coverings are optional for all patrons. Reduced social distancing within the house for most events. CSC will continue to offer social distanced seating to our patrons at a distance of 3' around groups. For patrons seeking to purchase more than 2 seats together please contact the CSC box office directly at (908) 979 - 0900 to arrange for those tickets. Contactless ticketing eliminating the traditional tearing of tickets at the door for entry limiting the need for contact between patrons, staff and volunteers. CSC has shifted to a digital/print your ticket at home format and is encouraging patrons to purchase tickets in advance. Once a ticket is purchased patrons will have the option to either have their tickets mailed to them at an additional charge or e-mailed to them at no cost. E-mailed tickets may be printed at home or presented at the box office using a smart device. CSC has eliminated a "will call" and will no longer allow patrons to have their tickets held for them at the box office. However, CSC will continue to offer day of event ticket sales. Hand sanitizing stations have been installed by the University and will be available for use throughout the Lackland Center providing patrons, staff and volunteers with quick and easy access. Increased deep cleaning has been initiated by the University and is further reinforced by CSC staff. Regular deep cleaning, as well as, increased cleaning of all public spaces before and after every performance will occure. Upgraded HVAC and air ventilation has been installed by the university and meets ASHRAE recommendations. Policies and protocols subject to change based upon amending Centenary University policy in accordance with New Jersey State requirements.
  • How does contact-less ticketing work?
    In an effort to limit contact between CSC staff, volunteers and our patrons CSC is implementing contact-less ticketing for the 2020-21 season. How does this work? CSC has eliminated the traditional "will call". Patrons purchasing tickets by phone or on-line will no longer have the option to have their purchased tickets held for pick-up at "will call". Alternatively, patrons purchasing tickets via on-line or by telephone will have (2) options for receiving their tickets in advance. These options are: BY MAIL: Patrons may continue to elect to have purchased tickets mailed to them at the standard mail rate of $1.50 per order selected for mailing. BY E-MAIL: Patrons may elect at check out (on-line or by phone) to have a digital ticket(s) e-mailed to them. This option creates a digital ticket which is sent electronically to the e-mail address on file in the patron account. Once this digital ticket is received patrons will be required to print the digital ticket(s) at home and bring the print out with them on the day of the performance to gain admittance to the event. Additionally, in lieu of physically handing your traditional printed ticket to a CSC volunteer for collection, tickets will be scanned by staff and/or volunteers at ticketing stations prior to entry of your performance's venue. These stations will be situated at the entry points to the venue of your performance.
  • How are you implementing social distancing within your theatre spaces?
    UPDATED!(as of 05/27/2021) In light of the recent loosening of social distancing requirements by the state of New Jersey CSC will implement the follow policy regarding social distancing requirements with our theatre spaces: CSC will reduce the social distancing requirement from 6' between individual, pairs, and groups or families to 3'. We've done this by making pairs of (2) seats available every (2) seats within a row and available seats have been staggered from row to row to assist in maintaining appropriate 3' distance from front to back. We have also opened our balcony for all CSC performances held in the Sitnik Theatre. By following this format within the architecture of our Sitnik Theatre we're able to safely maintain 3' between pairs of patrons. For larger families or groups looking to purchase more than (2) seats together please give our box office a call directly at (908) 979 - 0900 and we will be more than happy to accommodate your seating requirements. Social distancing policies are subject to change.
  • Does social distancing impact my ability to purchase tickets?
    No! You can still purchase tickets on-line, by phone or in person. However! Because of our socially distanced seating map when purchasing tickets ON-LINE our ticketing system will not allow for more than (2) seats to be purchased together. If you try to purchase more than two seats the system will give you the following error message: "Unable to find (x amount) of seats together". For families or parties of more than (2) that may not require social distancing from each other and would like to purchase tickets together you must call the CSC Box Office directly to reserve. Additionally, in order to maintain appropriate social distancing within our theatre spaces we recommend that patrons seeking an individual ticket please call the CSC Box Office to reserve.
  • Can I still purchase tickets in person?
    Absolutely! Our box office continues to remain operational during our standard box office hours, as well as, 2 hours prior to every performance. Although, we strongly encourage our patrons to purchase their tickets in advance via on-line or telephone - patrons may elect to purchase tickets in person either in advance or on the day of the performance.
  • I have specific seating requirements.  Am I still able to reserve ADA compliant seating?
    Yes! Despite the limited house size in our Sitnik Theatre we have been able to maintain a selection of seats specifically for patrons with mobility requirements. As is generally the case with any CSC performance we strongly encourage any patron with specific seating requirements to contact the CSC Box Office directly to reserve those seats in advance. Although we work very hard to accomodate all of our patrons seating requirements we cannot guarantee availability of specific seating on the day of.
  • I'm looking to purchase tickets for a family, what should I do?"
    Because of our socially distanced seating map within our Sitnik Theatre our on-line ticketing system will not allow for more than (2) seats to be purchased at a time on-line. For families or groups that may not need to socially distance from each other and are looking to reserve seats together we require those patrons to call the CSC Box Office directly to reserve. The CSC box office is open Monday through Friday from 1 - 5 PM and (2) hours prior to every performance. To contact the CSC box office please call us at (908) 979 - 0900.
  • I'm trying to purchase tickets on-line but it keeps giving me this error:
    "Unable to find (x amount) of seats together" If you are receiving this error message when trying to purchase tickets via our secure on-line ticketing system chances are it is because of our socially distanced seating map. Because our seating map has been updated to keep a minimum of 3' feet between patrons the on-line system will not allow for more than (2) seats to be purchased at a time. If you are a family or larger group of more than (2) that does not require social distancing within your own party and would like to sit together CSC requires that those patrons call the CSC Box Office directly to reserve. To contact the CSC box office please call us at (908) 979 - 0900 during our regular business hours; Monday through Friday from 1 - 5 PM.
  • Box office location and hours
    The Centenary Stage Company box office is located in the Lackland Performing Arts Center at 715 Grand Ave. Hackettstown, NJ 07840 on the campus of Centenary University. The box office is open Monday through Friday from 1 - 5 PM and two hours prior to every scheduled event.
  • Is there assigned seating for your events?
    It depends on the event. Events held in the Sitnik Theatre typically require assigned seating. The exception to the rule is any free event held in the Sitnik Theatre. Free events in the Sitnik Theatre are typically general admission and on a first come first serve basis. Due to the limited house size of the Edith Kutz Black Box Theatre seating for any event held in that space is typically general admission and on a first come first serve basis. However, for any general admission performance/event, if you require specific seating due to mobility needs please notify CSC in advance and we will be happy to accomodate.
  • How early should I arrive for a show?
    For the convenience of our patrons, our box office opens two hours prior to any performance time. At which time our staff is happy to assist with purchasing and/or picking up tickets. Many of our patrons like to pick up their tickets in advance, then visit one of our many fine local restuarant partners before returning for the performance. We generally "open house" and begin seating a half hour prior to the scheduled curtain time. So for an 8:00 PM performance our house will open at 7:30 PM and we will begin seating our patrons. There is no hard fast rule but we do recommend that audience members arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled performance time. This allows our volunteer ushers the opportunity to assist you finding your seat, as well as, ensures that front of house management will be able to begin the performance on time.
  • Late Seating Policy
    Late seating is at the sole discretion of Front of House Management and is handled on a case by case basis. Our Front of House Management works very hard to ensure that every ticket holder is admitted. However, every event is unique and there may be circumstances that prevent our Front of House Management from being able to seat you after the performance has begun. If for whatever reason we are unable to seat you after a performance has begun our box office staff will be happy to exchange your tickets for another performance or event. Standard ticket exchange rate and ticket pricing differences will apply. In the event Front of House Management is able to seat you after the performance has begun they will seat you in the designated "late seating" area. If the performance has an intermission you are free to move to your ticketed seats during that intermission.
  • Age Restrictions
    Children under the age of 5 are not permitted to any CSC mainstage event. The exception to the rule is any event geared specifically toward young audiences, such as our Young Audience Series productions and The New Jersey Civic Youth Ballet's The Nutcracker. Please check event listings for additional information.
  • Electronic Recording Devices Policy
    Cameras and other recording devices are strictly prohibited and may be removed by the Theatre at its discretion. Please silence or turn off all cell phones prior to entering the Theatre.
  • Where shall we eat?
    Looking to take in dinner before or after a show? Hackettstown boasts a wonderful array of dinning establishments, many of whom are valuable partners offering our patrons a variety of discounts and special offers. Call the box office or visit our restuarant partner page for recommendations.
  • Do you cancel or reschedule events due to inclement weather?
    Rarely. We work very hard to ensure that every event/performance is presented on its originally schedule date and time. However, in the event that extreme weather conditions prove too hazardous to our artists, patrons and the successful presentation of an event we will cancel or reschedule said event.
  • Will I be notified if an event/performance I purchased tickets to is cancelled/rescheduled?
    Yes. If an event or performance is cancelled/rescheduled due to extreme weather conditions the CSC administrative staff will contact all ticket holders via e-mail and telephone no later than 2 hours prior to the start of the intended performance/event. Furthermore, CSC will post any changes in scheduling to the homepage, official social media outlets and the automated voice greeting system.
  • I have tickets for an event/performance that has been cancelled/rescheduled, now what?"
    If an event that you have tickets purchased for has been cancelled or rescheduled due to extreme weather conditions CSC offers a few options: 1. If the event is rescheduled, CSC will offer to exchange your original tickets to the newly rescheduled performance at no additional charge. 2. If unable to attend the rescheduled performance, CSC will offer to exchange your purchased tickets to another performance/event within our season at no additional charge. 3. If the above options are not vialable, CSC will offer a full refund of your originally purchased tickets.* *Refunds are ONLY permitted for events/performances that are cancelled/rescheduled directly by CSC.
  • How soon do you determine whether or not you're cancelling/rescheduling an event due to weather?
    We try our best to anticipate weather conditions as much as possible so we can provide our patrons with the earliest notifications possible. We make every attempt to notify ticket holders at least 2 hours prior to the event.
  • Which venues are located in The Lackland Performing Arts Center?
    The Lackland Performing Arts Center houses two of our performance spaces, the Sitnik Theatre and Edith Kutz Black Box Theatre, as well as, our box office.
  • Is there parking available at the Lackland Performing Arts Center?
    Yes. Centenary Stage Company's Lackland Performing Arts Center has a large parking lot just outside its doors offering several handicap spaces. Parking in the lot is on a first come first serve basis.
  • Where is The Little Theatre located?
    Centenary Stage Company's Little Theatre is located in Centenary University's Seay Building (the main administrative building with the large gold dome) at 400 Jefferson Street Hackettstown, NJ 07840.
  • Is there parking available at The Little Theatre?
    Yes. Often our patrons who are attending events in our Little Theatre space will parking in the parking lot of the Lackland Performing Arts Center. From that lot it's only a short walk through campus to the Little Theatre. Additionally, on-street parking is available on Jefferson St. and West Plane St. Municiple regulations are in effect and posted for all on-street parking.
  • Do you provide access options for patrons with accessibility needs?
    Yes. As part of Centenary Stage Company's mission to make the arts accessible for all, CSC provides a full array of accessibility options for patrons. Wheelchair accessibility, Relaxed Performances, Large Print and Assisted Listening are among the several options CSC offers. For more information about accessibility click here. For more information or to request any specific needs please contact the CSC box office directly. (908) 979 - 0900.
  • Refund Policy.
    All ticket sales are final. Centenary Stage Company does not offer refunds.
  • Exchange Policy.
    We understand that things can happen. In the event you're unable to attend an event you have purchased tickets for CSC will gladly exchange your tickets for that event/performance for another CSC produced event/performance within our current season. There is a $5.00 standard exchange fee applied to all ticket exchanges. Excludes non - CSC produced events.
  • How can I purchase tickets?
    There are several ways to purchase tickets to Centenary Stage Company events. 1. Tickets may be purchased on-line using our secure on-line ticketing system. 2. Tickets may be purchased over the phone by contacting the box office during regular business hours. 3. Tickets may be purchased in person at the CSC box office during regular business hours.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Centenary Stage Company offers a variety of payment options. Online: Payments with either Mastercard, Visa or PayPal are accepted. Over-the-phone: Payments with either Mastercard or Visa is accepted. In person: Payments via either accepted credit cards, cash or check is accepted. Centenary Stage Company does not accept American Express or Discover cards. Tickets can not be held without payment. All reservations require payment at the time of purchase.
  • Are there any additional fees when purchasing tickets?
    Yes. Convenience Fee (on-line): A $1.00 per ticket 'Convenience Fee' is automatically applied to your order. Service Fee (by phone): A $3.50 'Service Fee' is applied to your order. Facility Fee (all tickets): A $2.50 'Facility Fee' is included in all tickets.
  • Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?
    No. Patrons may purchase tickets the day of any scheduled performance/event beginning two hours prior to the scheduled "curtain".
  • Can my tickets be mailed to me?
    Yes. When purchasing tickets on-line or over the phone patrons may elect to have their purchased tickets mailed to the address listed on their patron card. There is an additional $1.50 mailing fee applied to all orders that elect to have tickets mailed.
  • Can I pick up my tickets the day of the event?
    Yes. If you choose to have us hold your tickets when purchasing, your tickets will be available for pick up at our "will call". You can pick your tickets up from our "will call" at your earliest convenience. On the day of the performance our box office opens 2 hours prior to the scheduled event time. Although there is no time limit as to when you may pick up your tickets before an event we recommend picking up your tickets no later than 15 minutes before curtain.
  • Do you offer season subscriptions or ticket packages?
    Yes. Centenary Stage Company offers season subscriptions, as well as, various "Flex Pass" options for patrons interested in attending multiple events throughout the season. These options provide our patrons with a way to bundle their multiple events, save on ticket prices and enjoy the benefits unique to these options. For more information regarding Flex Pass options click here. For more information regarding Season Subscriptions click here. For all other inquires please call the Centenary Stage Company box office directly. (908) 979 - 0900.
  • Do you offer gift certificates?
    Yes. Centenary Stage Company offers gift certificates in any denomination. GC's may be purchased online, via telephone or in person at the Centenary Stage Company box office. GC's are valid for a year after its purchase date and are valid toward any performance/event.
  • Do you offer discounted tickets?
    Yes. We firmly believe that the arts should be accessible and affordable to all and continually strive to reflect that mission in our base ticket (adult) price point. Additionally, we offer seniorand child (under 12) / student discounts for many of our events. These discounts vary by event & performance date so be sure to check the event listing for specific ticket pricing. We also offer special promotions, such as, our Thursday Night Buy One / Get One Rush Ticket Special and our Friday Preview Hackettstown Resident Rush Ticket Special. Terms & Conditions apply. On occasion CSC will also offer special promotions and/or ticket offers via our official social media pages; Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Like and follow to receive the lastest in news & offers
  • Thursday Night Buy One / Get One (BOGO) Rush Ticket Special
    Centenary Stage Company offers a BOGO Rush Ticket Special for Thursday evening performances of select Professional Theatre Series Events. Check individual event listing for availability. How does the BOGO work? Offer is only redeemable when purchased in person at the CSC box office on the night of the performance beginning at 5:30 pm and lasting until 7:30 pm curtain. Offer is not available for advance ticket sales (phone, on-line or in person). May not be combined with any other offer or discount. Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis. For a full listing of terms & conditions click HERE. Tips & Tricks: Arrive early. Our BOGO offer is widely popular and depending on the demand for a particular production it is not unusual for our patrons to arrive early with lines forming. This is particularly true of our Holiday Musicals. Tickets and seating is on a first come, first serve basis. Grab your tickets & dinner before the show. Many of our patrons arrive early so that they can pick up tickets and then grab a quick bite to eat before the show. We have a fine selection of restaurant partners, many of whom offer dinner coupons and other incentives when you show your purchased ticket or bring in one of the coupons available in our lobby or on-line HERE. For all other questions regarding our BOGO offer please call our box office at (908) 979 - 0900.
  • Do you use third party ticket vendors?
    Centenary Stage Company sells tickets through its own secured on-line ticketing system. However, on occassion we will offer tickets to members of the Theater Development Fund (TDF), NJartstix and Discover Jersey Arts. These servicers provide discounted tickets to its members. Offers are made on a case by case basis at the discretion of Centenary Stage Company. Please check with those providers for any special ticket offers.
  • I lost my tickets.
    Centenary Stage Company can reprint your tickets at no additional charge pending verification of your ticket purchase.
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