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Playwriting Seminar


Friday, Mar. 24 @ 5:30 PM

President's Circle Room : 715 Grand Avenue

Join playwright Christine Foster for a lively and engaging seminar/discussion addressing the art of theatre as storytelling, why the theatre will never die, why it's essential to the human condition, and why live actors are "athletes of the heart."  Christine will explore the difference in approach to telling the same story in theatre vs. film.

Topics of discussion may include:

Why is the theatre utterly different from cinema, tv, books, and radio?  How do we engage with each?  What are the expectations?  Why is in-person, live storytelling the real "oldest profession" in the world and why will it never die?

Experiments have shown that different parts of the brain fire up when in a theatre vs. the movies. That personal and collective consciousness activates.  Theatre is played in order, movies are shot out of sequence according to locations and availability.  How a director, and ultimately an editor are more "in control" in the medium of film as opposed to live theatre.

What is an audiences role in the presentation of a live performance?  How a play's success or failure is partly created by an audience, that they are an active participant affecting the actors directly, and differently every night.  How you can walk out of the cinema and the movie will continue to run unchanged, where as, the collective communal experience of live theatre will ensure that no two live performances are the same.

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To reserve, call 908-979-0900


Attendees of the seminar/discussion will receive a $10.00 OFF the adult ticket price discount to attend the performance of Off the Map by Christine Foster.

Advance reservations encouraged.  Must attend seminar to be eligible.  Offer may not be combined with any other promotion or special ticket offer.  Offer not valid for Thursday evening BOGO performances.


Christine’s plays have been produced in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Denmark, Mexico, Korea and the US, and on CBS, CTV, History and the Family Channel. In 2018 she won the Marion Thauer Brown New Audio Drama Award and her full-length Four Thieves Vinegar ran successfully in London before being remounted at the Brighton Fringe in 2019. Her monologue Cousins was the winner of the Contest in 2020. Recent short pieces have been performed on podcasts, BBC Radio, and WBRH Scotland, and she currently has two new full-length plays scheduled to premiere in the UK in 2022-23.

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